AFC4Hydro Measuring campaign in Älvkarleby is completed

From September to December 2021 the first joint test campaign of the AFC4Hydro project took place at the Vattenfall Research and Development center, in Älvkarleby, Sweden.

The preparation for the AFC4Hydro measuring campaign has been going on for a long time, and one year ago the AFC4Hydro partners from LTU, FDB UPC and VATTENFALL started regular meeting to synchronize their works and design.

The first step was for Vattenfall to prepare and upgrade the test rig for transient turbine operation, including the layout of a new digitalized control system, and design and manufacture of the Kaplan model turbine to be used for both internal research and for the AFC4Hydro project.

Fig 1- Vattenfall personnel mounting the new test rig.

Fig 2 - Installation of IPM, ICM and SHM subsystems.

After that, in early September, AFC4Hydro partners from LTU, FDB and UPC join Vattenfall Research and Development center, to install the three subsystems developed in the scope of the AFC4Hydro project, respectively: IPM, ICM and SHM.

All these subsystems were tested on a reduced scale Kaplan turbine model operated off-cam, under steady and transient operating conditions.



The first period was used for initial mapping at steady state conditions, both with and without applying the flow control systems. A substantial mount of data was generated, and some of the results obtained gave directions for necessary changes or operation of the systems.

A second period of measurement took place in December. Now the flow control systems were tested against transients such as ramping of guide vane opening while the pressure drop over the unit remained constant, and testing at speed no load conditions. A main task in this second period included the applications of selected optimizing methods for control.  For most tests made a comprehensive mapping of the structural impacts were made, and ways to determine the effect of flow control on machinery life span expectancy were established.

Fig 3- Monitoring session.

Fig 4- Drone shooting.

The whole process has been documented and a video with interviews has also been recorded, for all of you to watch! Here AFC4Hydro members from LTU, FDB, UPC and VATTENFALL talk about they experience in Älvkarleby and discuss some of the results they achieve during this measuring campaign.

The video will be ready soon, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile we at AFC4Hydro wish you Merry Christmas and happy new year!