Structural Health Monitoring


The objective of this work package is to investigate the dynamic behavior of an hydraulic turbine operating at off-design and at transient conditions, and to develop a structural health monitoring system (SHM).

The optimal system configuration will be investigated experimentally and numerically at different scales. The most adequate sensors, acquisition parameters and signal processing methods to extract representative indicators of the turbine condition as a function of the draft tube flow will be investigated.

The experiments will start with a simple rotating and submerged structure, and then they will continue with a reduced scale model turbine. Finally, two full scale prototype turbines of 10 and 200 MW will also be tested. The numerical models will investigate the effects of the fluid structure interaction (FSI) on the modal response of the reduced scale turbine and prototypes.

The numerical simulations will be performed at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) as well as the down scale laboratory experiments. The experimental test facility of Vattenfall, Älvkarleby, will be used to perform the experiments on a model. The facilities in Porjus, Sweden and Oksla, Norway will be used to perform the prototype investigations.


Dr. Oscar De La Torre (UPC)

 Work package leader


Rafel Roig Bauzà (UPC)