Active Flow Control


This work package will merge the different concepts developed in WP1 (IPM), WP2 (ICM) and WP3 (SHM) as well develop a controller system for online multi-objective optimization to create the active flow control system (AFC). Similarly, to the previous work packages, the controller and AFC system will be investigated experimentally and numerically at different scales in the following order; turbine model (Re»106), 10 MW turbine and 200 MW turbine.

The numerical simulations will be performed at Luleå university of technology (LTU). The experimental test facility of Vattenfall, Älvkarleby, will be used to perform the experiments on a model. The facilities in Porjus, Sweden and Oksla, Norway will be used to perform the prototype investigations.

Work package leader: Prof. Michel Cervantes (LTU)




Khalid Atta, Associate senior lecturer