Injection of Continuous Momentum



WP2 aims at evaluating and verifying second generation Injection of Continuous Momentum (ICM) technologies for the mitigation and control of pressure pulsations in a hydro-turbine draft tube. The initial phase is shared with WP1 and focuses on obtaining a design base required for achieving optimum solutions for the next steps. In addition to using numerical tools verifications of ICM performance will take place at the laboratories in Luleå and Älvkarleby, and on prototype turbine units in Porjus and in Oksla.  

Flow Design Bureau AS- Norway (FDB) is responsible for all tasks and will also be the partner assigning most of the personnel for completing the tasks. FDB is also the partner behind the first generation ICM.  

Work package leader: Dr. Ingrid Vilberg (FDB)





Morten Kjeldsen, General Manager FDB
Håkon Francke, Mech. Eng. specialist, FDB
Jarle Vikør Ekanger, Instr. Eng. specialist, FDB
Carl Bergan, Flow System specialist, FDB
Andreas V. Tønnessen, Field Engineer, FDB