Porjus Hydropower Center


The Porjus Hydropower Centre is a foundation established in 1994 with the goal to run education, research and development for hydropower. It is located along the Lule river north of the Arctic Circle in the municipally of Jokkmokk in Sweden. The facility contains two full scale units (U8 and U9) rated at around 10 MW each. The head of both turbines is about 55 meter and flow rate is about 10 m3/s for each.

U8 is equipped with a Francis turbine and a conventional generator. U8 has essentially been used for educational purpose, but also for research projects such as water hydraulics for the guide vane governing system.


U9 is equipped with a Kaplan turbine and the generator is of the type PowerformerTM (high voltage generator that exports the electricity directly to the grid without the need of a transformer).

U9 is selected as test unit for AFC4Hydro technologies, after AFC4Hydro has been tested on the U9 model in the Älvkarleby Vattenfall turbine test stand.