The main goal of AFC4Hydro research project is to design, implement and validate in full-scale water turbine an active flow control system that permit to increase efficiency and reduce the dynamics loads on the structure at any off-design operating conditions and during transient operations.


Newsletter April 2022

Newsletter April 2022

Our forth newsletter is out! This is our last newsletter written in collaboration with HydroFlex.Both AFC4Hydro and HydroFlex are Horizon 2020 projects with research topics

New article on Vattenkraft Journal

New article on Vattenkraft Journal

Joel Sundström, from LTU, talks about the IPM design and its applications to the Swedish waterpower journal Vattenkraft.

New Video – Testing the Active Flow Control System on a turbine model

New Video – Testing the

Watch our new video and get to know the Vattenfall test facility in Älvkarleby-Sweden.


Our work packages

What We Do

Injection of Pulsating Momentum

The objective of this work package is to investigate the possibility to mitigate pressure pulsations in hydraulic turbine by the injection of pulsating momentum (IPM).

Injection of Continuous Momentum

This project aims at evaluating and verifying second generation Injection of Continuous Momentum (ICM) technologies for the mitigation and control of pressure pulsations in a hydro-turbine draft tube.

Structural Health Monitoring

The objective of this work package is to investigate the dynamic behavior of an hydraulic turbine operating at off-design and at transient conditions, and to develop a structural health monitoring system (SHM).

Active Flow Control

This work package will merge the different concepts developed in WP1 (IPM), WP2 (ICM) and WP3 (SHM) as well develop a controller system for online multi-objective optimization to create the active flow control system (AFC).

Exploitation and Dissemination

This work package consists in managing the Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results, in order to make the results and information generated in this project open for the public.


This work package will serve to manage, administrate and coordinate the project effectively in order to execute the planned tasks and to achieve the milestones.