Andreas Tønnessen

Vattenfall turbine test stand- A steppingstone when developing AFC4Hydro technology

The Vattenfall turbine test stand located in Älvkarleby 110 km north of Stockholm will host a series of testing necessary for meeting the objectives of the AFC4Hydro project. Validation and verification of AFC4Hydro technologies require a strong correspondence between results obtained using numerical modelling and physical measurements. The Vattenfall test stand ensure a very high […]

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Introduction to Work Package 1

The objective of this work package is to investigate the possibility to mitigate pressure pulsations in hydraulic turbine by the injection of pulsating momentum (IPM). The concept will be investigated experimentally and numerically at different scales in the following order; reduced model (Re»104), turbine model (Re»106), 10 MW prototype turbine and 200 MW prototype turbine.

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AFC4Hydro Kick-off-meeting

Thursday and Friday, 26-27th of June 2019, the AFC4Hydro work package leaders and partners all met face to face for the first time in Brüssel. Thursday was dedicated planning of the main deliveries, while the second day included an introduction to the laboratories and the powerplants where the AFC4Hydro technologies will be demonstrated. Of special

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I am glad to announce the start-up of the project AFC4Hydro. The project is funded by the European Commision, starting June 1, and with a duration of four years. A promise of the project is to share results with other parties. This web site will contain information of the progress of the projects, and instructions

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