Vattenfall turbine test stand- A steppingstone when developing AFC4Hydro technology

The Vattenfall turbine test stand located in Älvkarleby 110 km north of Stockholm will host a series of testing necessary for meeting the objectives of the AFC4Hydro project.

Validation and verification of AFC4Hydro technologies require a strong correspondence between results obtained using numerical modelling and physical measurements. The Vattenfall test stand ensure a very high quality of turbine model manufacturing, and a very high accuracy of measured flow and performance parameters.  The works at the Vattenfall turbine test stand establish confidence in the design work and increase the likelihood of successful validation and verification of AFC4Hydro technologies in the next stage testing at the prototype turbines to be used in the project.

A feature currently developed at the Vattenfall turbine test stand is the ability of investigation turbine performance at transient operation such as start and stop of machines. The more common type transient is ramping of turbine load, or change in produced power, a process that takes place numerous times per day. This type transient will be investigated in the AFC4Hydro project.


The Vattenfall turbine test stand is used for meeting demands for Vattenfall’s need for exploring turbine performance, but also for model testing on a commercial basis. The laboratory fulfills the requirements and uses of the international test codes IEC 60193, (Hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines – Model acceptance tests) and uses both IEC60193 and IEC 62097 (Hydraulic machines, radial and axial – Performance conversion method from model to prototype) for step up procedures from model to prototype.


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Fig 1-Carl-Maikel Högström