AFC4Hydro presented at PTK

PTK, arranged by Fornybar Norge (Renewable Norway), is an annual conference and exhibition for renewable energy in Norway. This is also by far the largest meeting place for hydropower, and covers technical, business, and societal issues. This year the event was held March 13-15 in Trondheim, and AFC4Hydro presented facets of our project and as part of the conference.

The presentation of AFC4Hydro was given by the partner Flow Design Bureau AS. As an introduction we gave a description of the work ahead of submitting the proposal. Here we highlighted systems that the Norwegian Research Council has in place for assisting Norwegian partners in EU Horizon-Europe application-works. When describing the overall project we covered the technical work-packages and the assets; or the sites where experimental and field testing takes place. A major part of the presentation was about FDBs contributions to and benefits from participating in a project like AFC4Hydro. One take was the technological journey for one of the original FDB systems that has been part of the AFC4Hydro project. When concluding the talk, we tried to provide success- factors for both landing, participating in and concluding a project such as AFC4Hydro.
These included:

  1. FDB’s, or the SME’s, mind-set related to r&D,
  2. A match between the EU R&D program and internal identified development needs,
  3. Have or select partners with common interests but with complementary approaches.

During the presentation our Project Coordinator Xavier Escaler gave a greeting to the PTK-audience and through a pre-recorded video. FDB made a blog entry (in Norwegian), see: , that covers the non-technical part of the presentation given at PTK.