New Video – Testing the Active Flow Control System on a turbine model

From September to December 2021 the first joint test campaign of the AFC4Hydro project took place at the Vattenfall Research and Development center, in Älvkarleby, Sweden, where we got to test our Active Flow Control System on a turbine model.

Watch our new video and get to know the Vattenfall test facility in Älvkarleby-Sweden, the people behind the various work-packages of the project, and learn more about the technologies tested.

Fig 1- Shahab Shiraghaee and Alessia Fabbri, LTU, are interview by Claudia Pia, FDB.

About the video

Content of the video:

00:00 Intro
01:10 Vattenfall Turbine Test Rig
03:33 IPM System WP1 – Injection of Pulsating Momentum 
07:14 ICM System WP2 – Injection of Continuous Momentum
09:45 SHM System WP3 – Structural Health Monitoring
12:09 Outro

In the video the following people were interviewed:

  • Carl Maikel, Vattenfall AB, R&B
  • Shahab Shiraghaee, LTU, PhD student
  • Alessia Fabbri, LTU, researcher
  • Morten Kjeldsen, FDB, WP2 leader
  • Xavier Escaler, UPC, WP6 leader
  • Rafel Roig Bauzà, UPC, PhD student
  • Xavier Sánchez Botello, UPC, researcher

Filming and editing were provided by Claudia Pia, FDB, WP5 leader.

If you want to read more about our first measuring campaign in Älvkarleby read our news item here.

Fig 2- Video frames