Assembly of ICM parts for Älvkarleby has started

Our FDB members went to check the production status for the ICM system at Byberg AS, in Stavanger.

During the visit, more attention was given to the assembly of the nozzles (which will inject the water into the draft tube) with the flanges (which will connect the nozzles to the body of the draft tube).

Due to the spherical shape of the nozzles, it is important to ensure their good mobility when enclosed in the two flanges, in order to guarantee a wide range of movement of the injection system.

The flanges will soon be ready to be sent to Sweden where they will be co-machined with the draft-tube cone. After the co-machining process is done, a final and a more in-depth test of the motion automation will be conducted, before starting the actual test in Älvkarleby together with the IPM system.

Fig 1 - ICM design - assembly testing